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picture monday

April 27, 2009


It’s a good thing, living on the riverbank, because it’s always something to look at.

Like the three ducks, flying high after each other, before they head for the water, one of them always a bit slower than the other two. Or the white swan, swimming in the middle of the river, upstreams. Or the couple of herons, sitting on the fence a late spring evening.

I know it’s hard to see them on today’s photo, but the herons are sitting there, on the fence, just looking out in front of them. While me and my boyfriend are looking at them, from our balcony.

I like birds, and especially I like the herons. Because they are so strange. With their long, long legs. Just sitting there. Or standing in the water. That’s what they do during the day, you know. Just standing in the water.

What do you think of birds?

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