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to the mountains

August 17, 2009

So, I’m heading for the mountains today. Me and my boyfriend are on our way to Hovden, where my family has a cabin, and I can’t wait. Fishing, swimming, hiking, good food, beers and wine.


That means that there will be no more blogging here until Sunday. Cheers.


the pleasure of discovering something new

August 16, 2009
(from Kjell Ivar Lund's website. Click on the image to go there.)

(from Kjell Ivar Lund's website. Click on the image to go there.)

I love the feeling I get when I discover something new – a new musician, a new writer, a new band. Or, as in this case, a new photographer.

Today was the last day of Risør International Festival of Photo, and I finally got the chance to walk from gallery to gallery, looking at the most extraordinary work of some of the greatest photographers in Norway, and also some big, international artists.

(Roger Ballen. Neo Ntsoma. Jim Bengston, Dan Young, Jamie Parslow. Just for the sake of namedropping.)

But I think the photographer who’s work impressed me the most, was Kjell Ivar Lund, a 37 years old Norwegian chef, musician, student, economist and photographer.

As a student at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, he has taken part in a project where the objective was to capture the life on schools in six countries widespread over the world. These photos were amazing, but even more amazing was the work Kjell Ivar Lund has done by himself.

As a photographer with a special interest in music, he has cooperated with the gituarist in the Norwegian metal band Dimmu Borgir. After reading the lyrics and listen to the songs, he has taken photos describing his impression of the music.

The results is absolutely magnificent.

Raw, brutal, controversial. Scary. Dark. The dark side of humanity. Absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, the photos is not on his website yet, so today’s picture is another one by him. As you can see, Kjell Ivar Lund is a talented nature photographer as well.

the secret of the week

August 16, 2009
(click on the image to go to postsecret)

(click on the image to go to postsecret)

to the next stop

August 15, 2009
(click on the image to see more photos from my summer in Risør.)

(click on the image to see more photos from my summer in Risør.)

I don’t like driving. With myself behind the wheel, that is.

Then I like the bus better. Or the train. Especially the train, I like the sound, the feeling, the freedom of the train.

I don’t like driving a car myself, but I do love the possibility the car gives me to go wherever I want. Again, the freedom. To get into a car, drive to the left or to the right, north or south, to the mountains or to the sea. Just make a decision and follow it, or not.

It’s more freedom about not making a decision, and instead do what feels right at the moment.

The owner of this car obviously found it right to make a stop at a parking lot on Borøya. Maybe he has taken the ferry over to Sandøya, or maybe he sleeps in a tent near by.

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I would have been more keen on driving myself if I had a car like that. Maybe.

i’m glad i didn’t die before i met you

August 15, 2009

(I’m a thief today. I stole this post from T and T. Simply because I love it.)

back again

August 14, 2009
(click on the image to visit my flickr photostream.)

(click on the image to visit my flickr photostream.)

So, I’m sorry.

I haven’t been posting for a while. I don’t know if an excuse is necesarry, and I don’t have one anyway.

Not really.

But I guess it’s just difficult to keep a blog up while I’m also working as a journalist. When I work in front of a computer during my working day, it’s just not tempting to do exactly the same when I’m back home. I guess that’s the reason.

But now I’m back.

I had my last day at work today, and it feels good. I love my work, journalism is my type of thing, but I also love traveling. And that’s my plan now.

To travel. Far away.

But today’s picture is taken near by, in the town I have been living in this summer, during Risør Festival of Chamber Music, and shows Norway’s greatest piano player, Leif Ove Andsnes. He has just finished his performance of his new show, Pictures Reframed, and the audience will not stop applauding.

What do you think?

the closest neighbour

July 5, 2009


I love the smell, the sound, the sight of the sea.

Watching the sea feels like watching the eternity, blue or green or both as far as your eyes can see.

Right now, I live in the southern part of Norway, in the little town Risør. A little town where nearly every house are painted white. The blue sea is the closest neighbour, and the contrast is just amazing.

The innocent white, the rough blue.

I love walking across the harbour, the seagulls screaming over my head, the smell of sea-plants in my nose, my feelings telling me my life couldn’t be be better.

And I’m quite sure it couldn’t.